The YES Manifesto

  • We say YES to damp sleeping bags, cold coffee and roaring fires.
  • We say YES to beating the sun to the punch and sleeping with the full moon looking down on us in doubt.
  • We say YES to mother nature no matter what she asks of us.
  • We say YES to friendship, keeping our eyes wide open and paperback books.
  • We say YES to staying out past dark and getting lost in the woods.
  • We say YES to all the creatures under the deepest darkest bottomless sea
  • We say YES to all the creatures who fly above our weary heads making us wish we could fly.
  • We say YES to the furry creatures that lurk in the twisted shadows of the forest.
  • We say YES and we always say please and and thank you.
  • We say YES to living larger today than we did yesterday.

We always say YES to an adventure!

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